Honeypot [huhn-ee-pot]

  1. –Noun, An American slang that makes reference to a woman’s sweet spot
  2. –Noun, A chain of waxing boutiques that specialises in Brazilian waxing, IPL and other body care treatments
  3. – Verb, A leading reason for cleaner pastures in Singapore and the region — especially in areas where the sun doesn’t shine.

Beautifully outfitted in Honeypot’s signature colours of black and pink, resplendent chandeliers and baroque furniture, Honeypot is a boudoir of sorts – sensual, sexy and sassy.

Dedicated to lavish you with only the best waxing experience, our team of therapists has been professionally trained to perform the Brazilian wax — six different versions — with minimal pain. The secret lies in our unique blend of in-house wax that has been concocted by certified chemists from Australia.

Honeypot also believes that indulgence for you, is a necessity. Apart from our signature Brazilian wax, our menu also includes a host of other waxing services – for different areas of the body as well as the face. In our bid to fight the fuzz, we also offer the hair growth reducing Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment and body care treatments that help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite as well as treatments to firm up the skin.

And at Honeypot, we believe that the pampering session continues even when you leave our doorstep. A delectable range of after-care products is available on our shelves for your picking. Our selections range from cleansers and whitening serum to calming sprays for your sweet spot area. If you need a hand, our team of friendly therapists will always lend a paw when it comes to addressing your post-wax needs.

Sex Kitty

Honeypot's mascot Sex Kitty